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Life Paths Research Center Covid-19 & Public Health Policies

Life Paths Research Center is committed to following good public health practices for ResilienceCon and all other gatherings, while also acknowledging the value of meeting face-to-face.

Life Paths Research Center staff follow Covid and other health data closely. Although we rely on scientific advice from knowledgeable health authorities, we recognize that recommendations can change and even vary across scientists. Great care has been taken to ensure that all gatherings are as possible, but each participant attends Life Paths events at their own risk.

Life Paths Research Center requires proof of Covid-19 vaccination and booster, and you must provide a copy of your vaccination record to attend any in-person event.

We strongly recommend that you receive all eligible boosters.

We strongly recommend that you take a Covid test before departing your home so that you test negative before you travel.

Please self-check for any cold or flu symptoms daily and do not attend any in-person events if you have sore throat, cough, fever, loss of smell or taste, or other possible signs of infection.

Masks are currently optional. We are following the CDC website, but acknowledge that their recommendations are changing frequently and it is not possible to update our recommendations that frequently.

There is every reason to think that Covid is here with us to stay and we are working to move forward as best we can under these circumstances.

Policy adopted 8/5/2022