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ResilienceCon 2022 Poster Winners

Award Recipients

We had an amazing set of posters for ResilienceCon 2022! During the online poster session, we grouped posters into categories based on similar themes. As such, posters were rated by our Program Committee and a winner was selected from each category. See below for the winners.

Exploring Resilience

Danielle Porter, Texas A&M University
Multilevel Resilience and Anxious-Depressive Symptoms among Black Youth Exposed to Maternal Syndemics

Honorable Mention:

Julia Gervasio, Ryerson University
Internal and External Resilience Predicts Disordered Eating Behaviours in Undergraduate Students

Youth, Families, & Schools

Nicole Wilke, Samford University
Recommendations for Care Reform: Perspectives of Adults Who Were Separated From Parental Care During Childhood

Honorable Mention:

Katherine Graves, University of Missouri- Columbia
The Impact of School, Family, and Peer Belonging and Middle School Resiliency

Prevention, Intervention, & Protective Factors

Erica McIntosh, California Baptist University
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Examining Implicit Bias Curricula in Nursing Education Programs

Honorable Mention:

Shih-Ying Cheng, University of Illinois Chicago
When Support Seekers Encounter Unsetting Responses: A Dual Factor Approach to Examine Social Support

Understanding Trauma and Risk

C. Nicole White, Baylor College of Medicine
Factors Related to Psychiatric Hospital Readmission for Survivors of Human Trafficking

Honorable Mention:

Katherine Lucas, University of Mississippi
Experiential avoidance partially mediates the relationship between resilience and post-traumatic stress symptoms