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ResilienceCon 2017 Agenda

ResilienceCon 2017 Schedule: April 17-19, 2017

Monday, April 17th , 2017

Laskey Great Hall
12:00-2:00Poster Set Up
2:00- 3:00Data Blitz with Dr. John Grych
3:00- 3:15Break
3:15- 4:15Poster Session
4:30-5:00Welcome with Dr. Sherry Hamby and Dr. Anjali Forber-Pratt
5:00-6:00Keynote Conversation: Dr. Dorothy Espelage
“Building Protective School Communities through Social-Emotional Learning”
Conversation facilitated by Dr. Sherry Hamby
6:00-6:15Closing with Dr. Dorothy Edwards

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Laskey Great HallLaskey ALaskey B
7:30-8:30Breakfast in Dining Hall
8:45-9:00Opening with Martine Hébert in Laskey Great Hall
9:00-10:00Keynote Conversation: Dr. Isaac Prilleltensky
“Mattering: The Role of Wellness and Fairness in Building Resilience and Strengths”
Conversation facilitated by Dr. Victoria Banyard
10:00-10:30Break with Coffee
10:30-11:45Innovative Communication Techniques I: Troika & 15% Solutions (A1)Perspectives: Understanding Children’s Contexts (A2)Perspectives: Laughing Guide to Resilience (A3)
Resilience Story Demo
11:45-1:00Lunch in Dining Hall
1:00-2:15Current Conundrums: Promoting Community Based Participatory Research (B1)20×20 Symposium: Resilience in Schools and on Campuses (B2)20×20 Symposium: Children’s Protective Factors & Strengths (B3)
2:30-3:45Current Conundrums:Using Strengths to Rethink Prevention & Intervention (C1)20×20 Symposium: Interventions for Resilience & Well-Being (C2)20×20 Symposium: Children’s Protective Factors & Strengths (C3)
4:00-5:15Current Conundrum: Trauma, Resilience, & Social Justice (D1)20×20 Symposium: Family Violence, Advocacy, & Resilience (D2)20×20 Symposium: Strengths & Resilience in Rural Appalachia (D3)
5:15-5:30Closing with Lyman Legters in Laskey Great Hall

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Laskey Great HallLaskey ALaskey B
7:30- 8:30Breakfast in Dining Hall
8:45- 9:00Opening with Nicky Hamilton, M.P.S., in Laskey Great Hall
9:00- 10:15Current Conundrum: Out of the Ivory Tower & Into the Community (E1)20×20 Symposium: Understanding & Building Resilient Communities (E2)First Pages (E3)
10:15- 10:45Break with Coffee
10:45-12:00Current Conundrums: Issues & Innovations in Assessing Resilience (F1)Innovative Communication Techniques II: Panarchy & 1-2-4-All (F2)Resilience Portfolio Interview Demo (F3)
12:00-12:30Closing with Dr. John Grych in Laskey Great Hall
1:30-4:30Theory Boot Camp: Post Conference Workshop in Laskey Great Hall
Facilitated by Dr. Sherry Hamby and Dr. Victoria Banyard
(Additional registration required)

ResilienceCon 2017 Co-Chairs: Dr. Sherry Hamby, Dr. Victoria Banyard, Dr. John Grych
ResilienceCon 2017 Communication Techniques Advisor: Nicky Hamilton, M.P.S
Program Committee Members: Dr. Anjali Forber-Pratt, Dr. Jonathan Davis, Dr. Nicole Yuan, Dr. Kathryn Howell