Shih-Ying Cheng

An Asian woman with long black hair and bangs smiling and wearing a white and navy dotted blouse.

Shih-Ying Cheng, MSW is a doctoral candidate in the School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. Her research interests include services and policies that address intimate partner violence (IPV), health and social service utilization among recent immigrants, and the implementation of evidence-based practice. Her dissertation study examines the associations of policy- and case-level factors and intimate partner homicide (IPH) over time with a focus on differences within and between victims’ sex and race/ethnicity subgroups. The study conducts analyses using the National Violent Death Reporting System, Restricted Access Database (NVDRS-RAD), and links data to Census and policy data (e.g., TANF benefit levels, IPV arrest policies, gun control policies) using the geographic indicator in the NVDRS-RAD. Latent class analysis (LCA) and mixed-effects multilevel modeling (HLM) are performed to identify patterns of risk factors among victims, perpetrators and other circumstances in IPHs and to investigate the differential impacts of policies on subgroups over time. The dissertation study aims to inform evidence-based policy making in preventing future IPH.